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As Founder & CEO of the National Diversity Council, I am proud to welcome you to the DiversityFIRST™ College Initiative Program site.

I can remember being a college student and not having a full understanding of what was expected of me after graduation. I wasn’t immediately prepared for the professional world and because of that lack of preparation I was behind the learning curve compared to many of my peers who had assistance while in college.

I see a strong need for specific programs that prepare college students for the transition from the classroom to their career. Our College Initiatives and Programs aim to prepare college students with the necessary tools to help them succeed in Corporate America. Through our internship programs, corporate tours and symposiums, the NDC’s College Initiatives are dedicated to ensuring college students have a smooth transition to the corporate environment.

Because economic progress and educational achievement go hand in hand, equipping every American college student to graduate prepared for success in a new workforce is imperative. For our nation to be successful in the years to come, we must invest in the future of our young adults now.


Dennis Kennedy
Founder & CEO
National Diversity Council

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